Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What Up Wednesday

Last weekend my girlfriend and I were having a little planning session dubbed the "plan-a-thon" at a Borders Bookstore. We successfully researched and booked airfare to Seattle along with hotel accommodations for the Muddy Buddy Race in Orlando. We were rocking two laptops and jolting from caffeine when a friend joined us for a bit. During the conversation the friend checked her email on an iPhone and saw an alert that a local runner was reported missing. Apparently the runner was last seen running near the Veterinarian College at the University of Florida. Both my girlfriend and her friend frequently go for runs in that area. I'm not sure if they've found the missing runner or not, but the eye opener for me was this missing runner was a male, not a female. He was young and in good shape.

I never give a second thought about taking off on a solo run, not telling a soul where I'm headed and cranking up the volume on my iPod. These are three things that I'm betting most females would definitely think twice before doing. Since I'm a rather large man, or at least tall, I think I tend to feel immune to stories like the missing runner in Gainesville. The more I think about it the more stupid I realize I am.

I have no Road ID.

Often times I run at night.

I do not carry any money nor identification.

Analyzing this scares the sh*t out of me. Yesterday I decided to go for a short 3-mile run. I took a business card (has my office contact information, name & website) and wrote on it a local family member, their number and "emergency contact" next to it. Then I wrote in all capital letters "NEVER GIVE UP." The business card fits perfectly inside my iPod arm case. Waaalaa.... my very own free Road ID.

My girlfriend tells me that when ever she goes from a run she leaves the route open on her computer. Now that's smart. If she went missing we would know the route to start searching. Today, before I ran, I opened up and left the route open on the screen.

It was a good run, despite still having a slight sinus infection, and knowing I've taken added safety precautions is added peace of mind. Think before you run!


  1. For goodness sakes get a road id! You can get the shoe one so it doesn't bother you, it's water resistant (unlike your business card) and reflects in the dark! I do the same thing Jenny does with the whole map thing, if I'm going somewhere out of the ordinary without a partner I always leave it up for the roomies. I hope they found the missing runner. So scary!

  2. Wow, I hope that guy is safe. Instead of a road ID, I never leave home without my driver's license, ATM card, and health insurance card, and my phone, which has my emergency numbers pre-programmed. I'm going to start leaving my route mapped out on my computer too. That's a great idea.

  3. I run the same way the majority of the time, I never thought about it until a few months ago adn realize I need to get a roadID! The Muddy Buddy sounds some, I did one of those a few years ago!

  4. scary-ness! yikes! i think we all take our chances. i guess sometimes it takes an event like this to make us open our eyes....