Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The coolest Marathon on Earth!

I started work this morning at 7 a.m. It's the only time I can get a couple of customers on the phone to work on an on-going deal. At 7:30 a.m. we were still at a stale mate and I needed to think so I went for a 6-mile run. It was magnificent! 60 Degrees and rising with the sunrise! I skirted around the airport, through a recreational complex and ended near a friends house to chat as he is remodeling the place. Back at work I sit here writing this post and I'm completely relaxed and full of good energy!

My girlfriend sent me this link a few minutes ago with some witty comments about this marathon and how the runners in the pictures look so happy (we both hate the cold). I thought it'd be a great race to share with all you crazy runners out there looking for the next best thing. It's too late for the 2010 marathon (it's happening today), but I hear there's always next year!!!

The North Pole Marathon!


  1. crazy! Looking at the pics, I can't tell if they're happy or not since their faces are covered! Definitely not for me!

    Glad the run gave you some good energy! Hope the rest of your day goes well!

  2. I don't mind the cold (to an extent) but that mght be a bit much. Definitely not recommended for you FLoridians! :)

  3. The North Pole Marathon where officals carry firearms in case of polar bears. Enjoy!

  4. Hi Tall guy,
    Just come to Minnesota and run the Polar Dash with me:) Basically the same run!!

    It does look pretty cool and you would always have bragging rights if you did it:)

  5. That is a race for Brave souls who enjoy a cooler run! =) I'll take the heat! I'd rather do the Death Valley run!

  6. i'm crazy enough to want to do something like that haha.

    and i'm jealous of your work situation! peace out on a phone call and go for a run..... definitely jealous.

  7. Didn't we run this one in January? Heh heh.