Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Thursday Stoke!

Today I am stoked about the following things in no particular order!

1.) Raw broccoli dipped in hummus! I can't seem to eat enough of it lately!

2.) This week's swell! All week we have had swell in the ocean and mostly offshore winds or no wind at all. Monday was so windy that I found myself diggin' outside rail to keep from blowing off the wave faces. This morning was the best noseriding day yet this year! I'm totally hitting it tomorrow too!

3.) Running while not being injured. I'm knocking on wood so hard right now that I'm probably going to bruise my knuckles, but it's been so long since I wasn't injured with this dang Achilles tendon crap that I think I had forgotten truly how much fun running is.... until now!

4.) The water warming up. I can't quiet shed the wetsuit yet, but I can lose the booties and the extra top! Summer is near!

5.) All the amazing people that have donated to Jenny and my fundraiser to benefit the American Heart Association. I am truly humbled and grateful for every donation and can't believe we are so close to reaching our goal so early! I'm going to thank each and every one person that makes a donation personally as soon as I get a chance!

6.) Last weekend's 10-miler on the Hawthorne Trail! I remember when 10 miles seemed to be so intimidating and now it seems like "only 10 miles" isn't so bad. It was a beautiful run and I'm going to leave all you stoksters with this picture from the run!

Keep the stoke up!


  1. That looks like a nice trail! I haven't yet hit the 10 mile mark, but I agree that it seems quite intimidating at this point.

  2. I second Harold's sentiment on the trail! And, I second YOUR sentiment about our weather! Hooray!

    I'll be doing the Easter Beach Run tomorrow. You?

    Now, I must go make some hummus.

  3. Raw broccoli in hummus, I will have to give that a try. Sounds interesting, thanks for that.

    THAT is a nice run location!

  4. I want to run where you get to:) That trail is beautiful!! I am glad that you are stoked!! Nice work on your ten miler!

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