Monday, April 5, 2010

Trails, Waves, Space Shuttles and bonfires on my!

A quickie of the weekend (because everyone likes the occasional quickie!)
Seven miles on the RnR Seattle Marathon training schedule for Saturday morning. Jenny and I decided it would be a good idea to make it a trail run and why not sleep in since it's only 7-miles? Well, we ran about 8.5 miles just for good measure and the final mile or so killed me. Not because I can't handle 8.5 miles, but because some days are better than others and on this particular day spring allergies decided to attack making it difficult to breath. Otherwise it was a great run. Jenny really enjoyed it. I'm happy to report it was the "hottest" run yet this year and we both enjoyed perspiring in the heat! Thank God the cold is gone! After getting home and removing my sand-filled shoes I noticed my legs had taken on a new appearance and no, these are not tan lines!

I've been feeling a little stiffness in BOTH my lower calves and Achilles tendons lately. As a precaution I decided it would be a good idea to cyrogenically freeze them after the run. Only problem is my feet are too big for a bucket... so I used a ice cooler! Ouch!

Saturday night was beach bonfire night. Good times. Good Food. Good people!

Made it to the beach Easter morning. Good swell in the water and glassy conditions. While I passed many crowded churches on the way to the beach apparently I'm not the only surfer that felt Jesus would have wanted me to surf Easter morning instead of going to church. I was not alone in the line up. It's all good though, as I was joined by some good friends and we're now all wearing minimal wetsuits. Yay for Summer!

This morning was the launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery. After this launch there are only 3 more launches until NASA retires the shuttle program. Here's a shot I took just minutes before dawn.


  1. Those are all great pictures!
    I need to give my legs a nice ice bath too...but the memories from college are haunting! I just need to such it up and do it!

  2. i think celebrating easter in the ocean just brings ya closer to the man. sounds like a awesome weekend. wow do i miss surfing. hope your achilles feel better! let me know if you have any PT questions~

  3. Hi TallGuy! I found your blog thru Julie! What great pics- I watched the launch this morning- but it must be cool to be so close.

    I think you actually have skinnier feet than I do- amazing!

  4. I love the fantastic pictures that you posted:) The beach is so gorgeous! Way to be a stud and run more than planned!! You guys are so smart...the actual race might seem a little easier because of your added effort!

  5. Great photo of the shuttle launch...My family lives in Cocoa Beach, catching morning/night launches were always fun.