Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday Stoke!

First off let me just say how stoked I am today because this morning I closed one of my deals, which means I will get a paycheck! Working on 100 percent commission in the world of real estate is extremely tough these days. I'm super excited to be getting paid soon! Perhaps I'll buy myself some new running shoes or a new surfboard.... or maybe I'll just pay some bills!

Second off let me just say I'm sorry for being so "emo" in my last post and a BIG thanks for all the comments of support and suggestions! I'm still on the "DL," but have moved on to the acceptance stage of being injured.... hmmm maybe I should write a post on the mental stages of injuries??? Injury occurance => Denial => Frustration => Anger => Acceptance => Cope => healing???

Well, I'm over it. I've been icing, compressing, elevating my Achilles tendon religiously the past few days, it's just the "rest" part of R.I.C.E. that I find difficult. Also, I might add that researching Achilles tendon injuries online is enough to scare the living hell out of any runner! As of this morning my left ankle is feeling a lot better, but is still looking like a "cankle" of sorts.*

I've been reduced to keeping it wrapped in an ACE bandage with a neoprene brace over top. It hurts to wear shoes and my REEF flip flops are definitely a "negative Ghostrider," so I'm wearing these "Jesus" sandals (a reference made by a surfer friend of mine upon seeing me in them) everywhere! (See photo to the right)

Now on to the real reason for the Thursday Stoke!

I'm stoked for being on the DL and I'll tell you why! My inability to sit still usually keeps me occupied with work and exercise be it running, surfing or anything else active. With a cankle-clad left foot in a Jesus sandal I'm kind of stuck to limping around, but the hell if I'm going to sit on the couch and watch TV for very long. My surfer friend, Brian and I recently took notice of many pro surfers and even a few local guys riding these thin wooden boards with no rocker. It looks extremely difficult and the boards can't be but a 1/2 inch thick and have no fins. In a brilliant stroke a genius we decided that we too shall make our own plank boards. After a little online research we discovered the PC name for them is "Alaia" boards and they supposedly date back to ancient Hawaiian surfers.

Seriously, how difficult can it be to make a straight plank surfboard with no fins???

So off we went, or hobbled I went and Brian walked, to the Home Depot to buy lumber, sandpaper and waterproofing sealant. A few nights of power tools, saw dust everywhere and feeling a little high from wood stain and varnish fumes and I'm happy to report that we're just about ready to test out our very own Alaia boards. Now all we need is a swell to bring some waves powerful enough to carry our crazy @sses on these creations.

I'm predicting that one of two things or both will happen upon the first testing.
1.) The waterproofing FAILS (we should really be using resin) and the wood de-laminates. and/or
2.) The board breaks either from the waves energy or our body weight or me ripping up the wave!

Still, I'm stoked to be experimenting with an idea and building something with my own hands. I may have to take a few days off from marathon training, but it doesn't mean I have to sit on the couch! Stay tuned for an Alaia board field test blog post sometime in the near future!

*Note: top picture is NOT my legs, but my left leg looks just like this! Ouch! No more arching in the Achilles. However, the Keen "Jesus Sandal" is my foot.


  1. Oh how I wish I could be there to watch your guys' adventures on your creation! LOL! You are so handy!

    Keep on R.I.C.E.'ing... you'll be pounding pavement again before you know it!

  2. Thats pretty neat....its like a skateboard for waves!

  3. my husband had a pair of Jesus sandals once, and that's exactly what we called them. He can't do cool things like Jesus though, walking on water, rising from the dead ... and I have a feeling he'd look horrible with long Jesus hair. Ditto for you.

  4. Alaias are sick. They plane beautifully. I just wish I had teh skill to ride one. Let us know how it works out.