Sunday, October 4, 2009


Welcome to Sunday Fun day Randomness!

For this edition of "totally random blog posts," I'll try and categorize our topics for today (and yes, I'm totally hijacking Rachael's format of her last post at The Beginning Runner's Blog... hope you don't mind).

* Inspiration for the day

* Surfing update

* Running update

* Going out, misbehaving and being hung over

I am completely inspired after reading the story titled "Crossing Oceans" in the
October 2009 issue of Surfer Magazine. Usually I find these magazines void of intriguing content and full of what holds the attention of your stereotypical burnout surfer best -- photos and meaningless jabber. However, this story by Christian Beamish about Liz Clark's ongoing solo adventure aboard the 40' vessel Swell is astonishing! This 29-year-old surfer has sailed 14,000 miles in the last three- and- a- half years by herself surfing, free-diving and fishing the entire way! These are the kind of people that I admire not only for their sense of adventure in life, but for their courage to break away from the norm and truly live life! I found her blog here and also a video clip of her story here. I will definitely be following her voyage vicariously in my Google Reader.

Surfing Update
The alaia boards are ready to go... or should I say ready for imminent disaster! This
week while I found myself with plenty of spare time not being able to run or exercise, I applied two coats of waterproofing. I'm sure we should be using some kind of resin, but oh well.... this is just a test run to see more what it feels like to try and surf them. Only problem we are having is the serious lack of waves! It's flat as Kansas right now and no swell in sight...

Running Update
Or should I say lack of running. As B.o.B. put it in one of her blogs a while back, running injuries suck! My Achilles tendon is "heeling" at the pace of Plate Tech
tonics! I'm now beginning the 15th week of my Disney Marathon training plan and I'm feeling SOOOOO behind. I know it's OK because the training plan ends a full month before the race so at some point I'm going to modify it (as nice as it sounds, I know I can't taper for a full month!). It's almost as if an injury was part of the master plan. It's slowly getting better and I'm trying my hardest to "take it easy." So in B.o.B.'s terminology, Running and I are taking a break for a bit. It's really hard, but I'm getting by... I went out with Biking Friday morning, but the satisfaction just wasn't the same as with Running. I even gave Walking a shot yesterday, but I fear that I just don't have the time nor patience to put up with Walking. Hopefully, I'll get back with Running soon.

Going out and Final Thoughts...
Without Running around to keep me out of trouble I found myself being coerced into the realms of Nightlife both Friday and Saturday. I don't think I've "gone out" two nights in a row since Matt's wedding in July and speaking of weddings that's what got me out last night and Mr. Evil Open Bar is responsible for Mr. Hangover that cam
e for a visit this morning. I haven't seen Mr. Hangover since the beginning of July and one things for sure; I AM NOT PROPERLY TRAINED FOR MR. HANGOVER'S ANTICS! Ugggg.... at least I'm getting it out of my system now, while injured, and soon I'll be "heeled" and getting back on track!

I close with this picture I snapped with my phone camera Thursday night. Sunset fishing for redfish at the Ponce side of the inlet...

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  1. See, you're approach at that blog format was much more sucessful ... I wrote a 3 page novel on my last post LOL

    Sorry you and Running are on the outs ... Walking is too needy, I know. Well I'm sure you'll be back in the game in time to continue your training