Friday, October 9, 2009

Surfing and Nicknames

Isn't it funny how nicknames are more predominant in some sports or occupations than others?

I've dabbled in aviation, journalism, public relations, softball, soccer, basketball, paintball, baseball, running (obviously) and photography as just a few sports, jobs or hobbies, but the one where nicknames, slang and other oddities is most profound is by far surfing.

Is it that we're out in the sun too long? Does the saltwater make us crazy? Or is it the free spirited individual that is usually drawn to such an activity? Who knows for sure, but I do know there are some crazy nicknames in surfing. Flea, Noodles, Occy, Parko, Wingnut are just a few I can think up quickly. The names of surf breaks are even crazier with Pipe, Backdoor, Hobos, Mavericks, Jaws, Shithouse, Ruins, Cyclops, The Wedge, Playgrounds, Cloud Break and Middles coming to mind.

With that being said I thought I would share a humorous text message conversation I had a few days ago with a surfer friend of mine and myself about a mutual friend that just bought his first surfboard and is gearing up to learn the sport.

Friend: Dude, Scott bought a ten foot three Anderson with a killer point on the nose. single fin.

Me: Awesome, that sounds sick.

Friend: Yeah crazy guy. oh well now we gotta help him break it in!

Me: Sweet... no bloody noses this time!

Friend: Hope not especially from his board. it might kill you.

Me: Hahaha we should name it the Zulu Spear or the Samurai Sword or Moby Dick or something!

Friend: Yes. I concur that bastard needs a nickname

Friend: The glass shaft or pedro

Friend: The waxed dong

Me: Sayin you're gonna ride Pedro sounds gay! LOL... maybe hmm idk lol

Friend: I'm not going to ride pedro though. Scott is and he is lol

Me: LOL... the Bitch Tip!

Friend: Now we're getting somewhere the waxy wang he says!

Me: The Pedro Popper!

Friend: I like that one lol

Me: The Wanker Spanker!

Friend: The sloppy Jaloppi

Friend: Sloppy seconds since its used

Me: Ewwwww lmao! The LOOSE GOOSE!

Friend: I'm gonna go ride someone's sloppy seconds

Everyone have a great weekend! Ace those long runs, races and get pitted on a monster swell if you're lucky!

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  1. Haha... not sure all of those names are a good idea ;)

    Haha. Surf-related names are definitely weird.

    I still haven't named my board yet. Hmmm.