Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Thursday Stoke!

It's late in the afternoon and I'll admit... this is the hardest Thursday stoke for me to write yet. Simply because I've been down all week. Down about the poor weather and poor surf, down about the economy, but mostly down about my still injured Achilles tendon. It's looking more and more like I won't be able to finish the Daytona Half Marathon if I attempt to run it and who knows, perhaps I need an MRI or something expensive for doctors to tell me not to run a marathon in January. Everywhere I look I see people, friends, bloggers running since it's race season and it sucks to be injured and remind myself I can't join them. It's almost like many of the women in my life; just around the time I really fall for her, she leaves. Is running leaving me? Ugggh... on to better things now.

The Thursday Stoke!

I'm feeling better already and I'll tell you why! It's better to laugh than be down. Sometimes it's just hard to find that laugh. For the past 20 minutes I've gone back through my email for the past few days and looked at the forwards. Those emails your friends send you that 90 percent of the time you've seen already or they're something annoying bound for the trash can. However, what I'm looking at is the other 10 percent. The few "new" ones that are funny and you know what? I'm laughing at them for all their worth so I'll share some of the funniest things (in my opinion) I've seen all week via my inbox.

Here goes:

1.) This came to me today with only the following label: "Air Traffic Control in Texas!"

2.) This was quite the stir of controversy when I forwarded it to a few friends, but only amongst the ultra (Oh my God what to we do with Obama) conservative friends that can't see the humor in a joke. I love the area that includes Iceland, Greenland and the North Pole that shall be known as Santa! From now on I won't be forwarding those conservative friends anything humorous and if they send me anymore long political email responses I shall respond by only saying "Santa!" with a retarded voice! (click to enlarge)

3.) If you're involved in any kind of real estate right now this is hilarious!

4.) This one is "in the gutter" but I laughed the hardest when I saw it. It was labeled "My New Girlfriend."

5.) This one isn't funny, but just beautiful. I wanted to close with something that shows my true passion in life. I think this shot by Clark Little accomplishes it perfectly!


  1. I love the airplane pict, great stuff. somedays are just not as much fun, but they make the really good days even better.

  2. Aging sucks ass. As a mature person you have the willpower and motivation to push yourself hard, but your body can't quite keep up. I

    hope the weather gets better so that you can get out there and rip. A good session always washes the bullshit away.

  3. as an omg-what-do-we-do-w/-obama-conservative, i still found the air traffic sign HILARIOUS! but...the ex-english teacher did cringe at the grammar. it should be "sons OF ..." or at very least "sons o' ...". and 4give the poor capitalization and shorthand- 1 hand is occupied w/ a baby. u have my sympathy- 1st marathon i trained 4 i watched from the sidelines in a walking cast. there are many more 2 come. ur not old yet.

  4. I love these. Hilarious! Thanks for a few laughs!