Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday Stoke!

I'm stoked because it's time for the Thursday Stoke!

That means I've got to find a reason to be stoked not matter what the day, good or bad. At 7:50 a.m. this morning I was walking into an office building for an earlier morning meeting and I saw a bunch of guys digging a trench. They were still digging this trench 2 hours later when I left the building to drive to my office. First off, I'd like to stay how stoked I am to have my job and career and NOT be one of those guys digging the ditch. As bad as the real estate market is right now, it's still better than ditch digging.

I'm stoked for Smart Water! I drink the large 1QT size bottle just about every day. This electrolyte enhanced water kicks arse when it comes to hydration and is a must on days I do Bikram yoga.

I am not stoked about my Achilles tendon still being in the NO BUENO status. I'm used to being bulletproof and having an injury or a condition like this that could get REALLY bad if I don't take measures to prevent is new territory for me. However, I can say I'm stoked about finding some new resources because of the my Achilles tendon causing me to conduct research online. Two sites I'm stoked about today are:

Cool - It has a ton of information, services and tools for runners of all abilities. I also found some useful stretching information for when I can run again that will help me stretch my Achilles tendon better. - In my opinion they are kind of like the Ticketmaster of Races, be it a 5k or a full marathon, by charging annoying administration fees tacked onto online race registrations. I usually avoid this fee by simply finding out how to mail in a check and registration form to the race I'm interested in entering. What I'd discovered this week is the running section really does have a lot of useful information about the sport that is available without having to become a member of the site.

I also have to throw out a Happy Birthday stoke to J-Mo at Redhead Running!

And a final stoke to my surfing friend Brian that is leaving tomorrow for a vacation in Thailand!

17 days until the Daytona Half Marathon (maybe I should start running again before then. LOL)

Mid-Stoke Update #1 - Check out the "Mandatory Sex Party" going on over at Hyperbole-And-A-Half's blog. She is crazy funny!

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  1. Just keep resting that achilles. You have a strong enough base to jump back into it. I would know since the old ankle debacle. I too love smart water!