Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hot Diggity Dog!

I ate a hot dog for lunch today.

A 7-Eleven 1/4-pound Big Bite completely plain (I rarely do condiments) to be exact.

Stopped in to get a Smart Water and a fruit salad or chicken salad wrap, but left with a hot dog instead.

I haven't ate a hot dog since earlier in the summer when I started officially training for the Disney Marathon and also right after some crazy looking dude like this guy told me on the beach that hot dogs have been attributed to causing colon cancer in lab rats. This was of course while I was eating a hot dog on the beach and of course kind of ruined the entire experience.

I'm assuming this impulsive decisions stems from all this talk about hot dogs as of late. First there was B.o.B.'s blog about the famous Chicago Hot Dog and then Rixy sent me this picture (to the right) in an email yesterday. So when I walked past the hot dog machine roller thingy on my way to the fruit salads they just looked so damn good I was memorized!

It tasted GRRRRRRRRREat! Now I'm wondering how long until my rear end explodes with colon cancer?

Seriously though, I need to get back on track. I rode "Bicycle the Terrible" yesterday for 15 miles in about 1 hour. No matter how hard I try or how fast I push it, riding a bicycle for an hour doesn't give me the satisfaction of running for a hour. This morning I surfed before work. This is great. It's what I'm all about, but unfortunately surfing doesn't really do much for your running game. My Achilles is a lot better, but I'm going to give it the rest of the week before giving running another chance.

18 Days until Daytona Half Marathon...

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