Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Being on the DL sucks!

Do any of you runners ever have great - no - I mean epic epiphany for blogs while you're running only to draw a complete blank when it comes time to sit down and write it out? This happens to me on almost every run. I even write out the blog in my mind word for word mile after mile of the run. This is what I did early this morning and now I can only remember that it was awesome, but nothing else... maybe it's an early sign of Alzheimer (God, just strike me down now if that's the case).

I'm going to start carrying a digital voice recorder and dictate my blogs!

I ran this morning. It was an angry run. Angry because I'm frustrated with my body. Somehow (I do not remember probably because of an intense adrenaline rush at the time) I bruised my Achilles tendon while surfing either Thursday or Saturday. I vaguely remember (see Alzheimer idea above) being tangled up with my board inside a breaking wave where I may have knocked it a good one against the 10-inch fin. I think it's a deep bruise as it slowly got worse and worse. It's my left leg and it's bruised so badly that I can see where it's swollen up (I DO NOT BRUISE EASILY) and hurts like hell to push the clutch in on my pickup truck!

So driving sucks. I'm a Realtor so driving is a common occurrence. Walking sucks and running REALLY SUCKS! Overall the entire experience sucks. I've been icing it the past few days and I did NOT do a long run this weekend so I decided that this morning would be a test run. After an excruciating 10-minute plus mile it seemed to be warming so I ran a second mile. After the second mile it still hurt so I stopped hoping not to aggravate the injury further. This only aggravated me! Two miles and I hardly broke a sweat. I remember a day when I'd be exhausted and satisfied after two miles. That is not today. I spent the rest of my early morning doing upper body weight training, which is a most excellent way to release aggravation.

I grew up dreaming of being a Major League Baseball player, a first basemen to be exact. For those of you not familiar with DL it it stands for disabled list. I'm officially putting myself on the DL until the visible swelling disappears and I can push the clutch of my truck in without shooting pain. The DL sucks, but I think it'll also force me to give my body a good rest for a few days.


  1. You better start icing the hell outta that thing!!!

  2. buddy, just have rest for awhile. it will heal fast remember, "no pain no gain".. so keep it up. tough enough, keep stoked!.

  3. It's time to get in the pool as a way to maintain your fitness. You can either swim or get one of those Aqua Jogger things and jog without touching the bottom. Try it.

  4. Are you close to any trails? The softer ground might help a bit.

    Of course, I'm one of those people who never listens to my body and ends up way more injured than I should be, so you probably shouldn't take advice from me.

  5. I always write out my blogs in my mind while running. They're are usually more witty and funny too. Then I get home and go, "um, what was that I was gonna say? Because now it just sounds dumb." But a recorder while running, that'd be funny ... I get enough looks most days (a runner? what?), I think the recorder would get me a spot on the front page of the local paper.

  6. I totally know what you mean. I constantly have great blog ideas that disappear within minutes. Sigh!