Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What it's like to feel old...

Yesterday I mentioned I ran a self-inflicted half marathon when I was 19-years-old. I do not remember being sore back then. I remember being tired after the run, but not very sore.

Yesterday I decided it would be a "good idea" to run 10 miles (not even a half marathon) before work. This I did with flying colors. I mean, I rocked it. Got a huge runner's high and felt great for most of the day. Unlike when I was 19-years-old I made sure I properly hydrated, carb-loaded the night before and got at least 8 hours of sleep. I also thought it'd be a "good idea" to play softball last night.

Not only was it our first softball game, but it was a double header AND the team manager put me on shortstop (mixed with a couple innings of left field), which meant more running. Unlike the long run, this softball business is all sprinting and "fast-twitch" muscle use. I have to say for not playing softball in more than 2-years I did pretty damn good. I batted 1000 for the night and I didn't make any errors. However, I hit a wall the last couple innings of the second game. Despite a gallant effort to fuel my body with the best sources of energy, I hit the wall and was about as useful as an elephant hunter with a BB gun!

This morning I woke up. Stepped out of bed and almost fell to the floor as I tripped over my two nearly nonfunctional legs. My hamstrings are as flexible as a 2x4. My ankles and calves feel as if someone has injected them with liquid fire. My abs and obliques feel like Mike Tyson went to town on like a punching bag. It really is amazing that nothing is torn, ripped or broken. I am declaring that I have achieved a new level of personal soreness!!!

The first thing on my list today was to hand deliver a contract extension to the Clerk of the Court in DeLand, get it docketed and attempt to deliver it to a judge. Walking through the parking garage at the pace of a fast sloth, I noticed a woman holding the elevator door for me about 50 feet away. I tried to run, hustle or jog.... anything to show gratitude for her kindness and not being a slow poke. Again I almost fell down over myself as pain shot through my entire body. She gave me the "are you alright look" as I hobbled into the elevator. Lady, if you only knew!

Lesson learned:
I am NOT 19-years-old anymore.

New mission:
How to get over soreness quickly???

There is a swell coming this weekend and I want to be ready to surf it! Not to mention another softball doubleheader on Wednesday, plus a 3-mile run. Hmmmmm....


  1. A few tips for recovery:

    1. After the long run (or anything over 5 miles) I lay on my back with my legs up against a wall, this helps circulation and gets the lactic acid from settling. Do this for 15 minutes.

    2. Ice bath! It hurts so good... oh wait... you prob can't do this being so tall. Alright Plan B - ice packs! Put them where it hurts for 15 minutes and then do again a little later. I shoot for 2-3 times a day whether I need it or not. Injury prevention is a wonderful thing.
    (I got these absolutely awesome ones from CVS that get so cold and actually hurt when you put them on. They are about $15 each but worth every penny. They're blue & black and you can wrap them around any body part for the most part)

    3. Get a foam roller. Best $20 investment you'll ever make. Do it before or after the run and it'll help get out the knots and make a good stretch.

    4. Don't double up activities on days you did a long run!!! ROOKIE! :P

  2. Massage!!!

    I, too, have a foam roller. They really work!

  3. Ok, I'm sold on the foam roller. Now I just need to get over to Orlando or up to Daytona Beach to a store that actually has them. Thanks for the advice!