Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hurricane Bill.... bring on the swell!

Can I just say how EXCITED I am about Hurricane Bill! It looks like all the stars and planets are aligning to give us the classic hurricane swell we've been waiting for all year. The current forecast has it going up toward the North Atlantic, which should send great waves our way and keep the property damaging wind far from shore! I woke up this morning to see this before my 3-mile run on Magicseaweed.com (my favorite forecasting site):

"Hurricane Bill is still on track to deliver a very significant swell event to the East coast for the end of the week which we expect the forecast data below to under call, think Bertha on steroids and, if it comes off as currently forecast, swell of the season stuff."Bertha was the first tropical swell we had last year. It was amazing if I remember correctly. I'm talking overhead glass out front. Take your pick... everywhere was going off! If this is going to be better than Bertha, I'm going to be stoked out of my mind! Check out that 13 second period for Saturday! We might have to hit up some secret sandbar spots down on south beach. All the Orlando weekend warriors will be here since it's on the weekend along with a few really out of towners from the Surf Expo. Regardless, I'm stoked! Hopefully, I'll have some amazing surfing pictures to post after the weekend!

In other news:
Oh Otis Spunkmeyer... I hate you, but I love you.
The local title company girls bring you in each week...
Hot and fresh and soft, completely irresistible
White chocolate with cranberries, yum!
I ran 3-miles before the sun came up today...
It won't hurt to each just one of you.
But each week I find myself eating more,
like today I just had to have EIGHT!
Seriously, these cookies are my downfall. I ate eight of those bastards today before I knew what hit me and now I'm not even hungry for lunch. But, I am hyper as hell!

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  1. 8!!!!! OMG!!! Put down the cookie!!! You def need calories but not empty ones!!!! :)

    Have fun surfing your heart out!!!