Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The latest forecast on Hurricane Bill, now a category 4 storm!

If this isn't PORN for surfers I don't know what is!!!!!!!This is for the east coast of Florida for Saturday. I'm drooling already!

What a perfect path projection. Not making landfall, but giving us the swell. Even Bermuda will luck out, hopefully, with the weak side of the storm.

Part of the story on MSW:
"HURRICANE Bill is now a 'major' Category 4 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 135mph and producing swell in excess of 45ft. Perhaps the best hurricane surf for a over decade? As forecasters it's difficult to withhold and damp down our excitement over a storm of this magnitude following such a perfect track.

This is no Katrina, it will not devastate large areas of land if it holds course 500 plus miles off the Eastern Seaboard - but it will pump high quality surf in the double overhead range at the coast. High pressure is set to dominate closer to the coast, serving a dual purpose of keeping the hurricane out to sea whilst delivering sunshine and offshore winds. If these factors all continue to come together it could be be 'the' perfect storm for East Coast surfers."

If anyone knows a media outlet that would like to hiring a contributing writer/photographer to cover the surfing side of the Hurricane Bill story I am ready, willing and able to jump in my truck and chase this storm up the Eastern Coast of the USA!!!! How awesome would it be to hit up Florida, North Carolina, New Jersey/New York and Maine all in a few days??? It's going to be going off. I can't wait to see everyone's pictures including my own!

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