Saturday, August 15, 2009

9-Miles... piece of cake!

Several times this week I've admitted to friends or co-workers that I've been doing some "long" runs. When I say, "Oh I'm tired or I'm sore because I ran 10 miles this morning," or for example this morning while surfing I said to a friend, "I ran 9 miles before coming to the beach this morning," they all are saying the same thing:
"Whoa...what? Are you training for a marathon or something?!?!?"
They say it with a sarcastic timbre and a you're crazy expression on their faces.
I say, "yeah, ummm, I am training for a marathon."
So I guess I haven't been very vocal about my "top secret" training activities, but for the record: Yes! I plan to run and finish the Disney Marathon in January. I also plan to run the Daytona Half Marathon in November. And yes, I am still surfing as much as Mother Nature will provide clean waves to be ridden!
And you know what? After stepping it up with a running training schedule and continuing to surf 3-4 times a week and even throwing in some Bikram Yoga and Co-ed Softball games I FEEL FREAKING GREAT!

This morning I got up at about 5:15 a.m. Downed some cashews, honey and a Shot Blok with some VERY cold water, stretched and hit the pavement and beach sand for 9 miles. Last Monday I ran 10 miles when I was scheduled to run only nine. Something about 10 that I just had to do and get over with. This week I was scheduled for 10, but I figured I'd do nine (I'm sore from playing 4 co-ed softball games) and then get back on schedule next week with 11 miles.

The run went well. It was mostly easy. Every long run has it's moments, but it's getting easier. I do believe that sprinting in the softball games may be helping my time.

On previous runs I've encountered hundreds of bats returning from a night of hunting near this one house on my route and a big ancient oak tree. This morning I decided I'd bring my camera along and try and get some shots. What happened was disappointment. I was too early and there were only a few bats flying around... not the amazing numbers that would show up as dawn approached. I did manage to get one good picture of only one bat and then found myself stuck with my camera in hand. Yup, I was stuck carrying that camera for 9 miles!

(By the way. I did surf the inlet for a couple of hours post run this morning. The ocean was strange with morning sickness and a little crossed up with short periods. I think the tropics are heating up and we should be in for some exciting swell action this week!)

So why not do a little photo essay on my 9 mile run?!?! Here you go... hope you enjoy!
Here's the bat. He looks lonely without all his friends. I WILL GET A PICTURE OF THEM EVENTUALLY! I was just too early today, but it was nice getting 75 percent of the run over before the scorching sun arrives.

I think when people ask or tell me I'm outta my mind for running so much I'm just going to show them this picture in the future! Haha... the things I do to entertain myself. Man, it'd be nice to have a running partner on the long runs for some conversation.Riverside Park and the Intracoastal Waterway as view from my "hill portion" of my run up and over the South Bridge.

Somewhere around mile 5 I hit the beach. It's so refreshing to feel the cool morning air hit your body as soon as you start running down the beach, of course you have to get there before the sun rises....
I'm going to close with my little sunrise picture. I'm calling it, "Three Little Birds."

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  1. Loving the pics! I need to start snapping some shots when I run...

    Congrats again on the run this morning... thanks for cracking out with me after! :)