Friday, August 14, 2009

Fluky Friday Flash!

<>Oh cumulonimbus cloud thank you for blocking out the sun this morning. You must have been unleashing thunderstorm hell somewhere offshore, but here.... HERE in my little beach town you provided some much needed shade as I was late to getting up and out the door this morning for my run. Cumulonimbus cloud, without your 40,000 feet tall peak on the east horizon that sun surely would have been beating down on me with all its might! It's been a rough week for me starting out with a 10-mile run and followed with four softball games in two days and a mid-week late night concert involving more than normal adult beverages... my body thanks you cumulonimbus cloud for making my run easier!

<>A friend of mine whom is just beginning to dabble into the world of journalism, or should I say getting "paid" to write, wrote this article this week about running and sex and how the two can be related. Titled "Is Running Better than Sex," I found it a good humorous read and decided to share it with some friends via email and help my runner friend get some "hits" to her article. Here it is if you care to read it:
But my real reason for mentioning it this morning is the responses I got back from my email. I'll share two of them, one by a guy and the other buy a girl, both married.
Married girl, "That is funny. My husband used to run a lot when we first met; several miles a day. Now he never runs..... And men say women let themselves go when they get comfortable. lol"
Recently married guy, "No wonder so many married men take up running — it fits in where the sex used to be when he and his wife were still dating."
Hmmmmm.... conflicting reports from the marriage front. Maybe being in my shoes and single for what seems like FOREVER isn't so bad....

<>What's this I see in the tropics? A tropical wave? A tropical depression? A low pressure system? Seriously... this hurricane season has seriously been stalling. We don't even have a named storm yet! Last year by this time we were getting hurricane or tropical storm swells almost each weekend, as if they were perfectly timed. I haven't rode my shortboard since Spring! I have high hopes that something is brewing out there for next week. Could we have Tropical Storm Anna? Time will tell!

<>Donovan Frankenreiter made an appearance this week at Beachside Tavern. I was lucky enough to get a ticket and see him play at this super small local venue. Honestly, I went to see the famous hippy-like surfer that makes me laugh when I watch the Drive Thru series on FUEL TV. However, after the concert I am now a fan of Donnie, the musican and I'm definitely going to be downloading some of his songs. I'll leave you with this video I took of the last song he played at the end the show called "It Don't Matter."


  1. Hey hey, thanks for dropping by and posting a comment! I just added your site to my RSS reader so hopefully I can stay on top of your posts now :)

    You're so lucky to be living in Florida with warm surf!

    Hope you get some swell there soon! :)

  2. Thanks Allie! It looks like we're going to get some tropical storm or hurricane swell later this week and I'm stoked! I enjoy your blog and your photos and seeing a side of surfing that is so completely different than mine little world down here!