Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Thursday Stoke!

Today I am totally stoked about one thing and one thing only! This:

After the Donna Half Marathon last weekend Jenny and I set down and registered for the June 26th Rock 'n' Roll Seattle Marathon. It's official. No backing out now. TallGuySurfing is going to run another marathon and this time I intend to really "run" it unlike that frozen race last month called Disney.

This really sounds like a great race. For one, I love music. I was a music major my first couple of years in college. I'm a former marching band geek and I've played in a few rock bands back in the day as well so why not enjoy some good old rock 'n' roll while I run through one of my favorite cities; Seattle?!? Now I know what you might be thinking and I've been to Seattle three times and it's never rained once so hopefully my luck will hold out! Plus, can you say hills? Something tells me I'm going to be running the bridge many many times the next few months.

This week also marks the 18-week away point from the marathon, which means it's time to start training again. I've taken most of February off from long distance running and my Achilles tendon feels the best it has since my injury back in September. I really feel like I'm a smarter more-experienced runner now and hope that will help me this time around now that I've officially commenced training!

That training started Tuesday with a measly little 3 miles. Then there was another 3 miles on Wednesday and tonight I'll hash out another 3 miles. I'm following the Hal Higdon 18-week novice training schedule. The way I see it I'm 6 miles down with 422 miles to go! Bring on Seattle and all its Pike Place Farmer's Market (where I fully intend to eat everything in sight)!!!

I'm also stoked for the Redhead and B.oB. and wish them a speedy fast finish this weekend at the Gasparilla Marathon. Oh and good luck to Jamoosh who is running the Half. Go easy on that injury dude! And happy running to everyone else this weekend too!


  1. There are so many peeps running that race! My cell is going to be blowing up as I track ya'll! I'm so excited for you, seriously, like this will be your actual first marathon!!!! Are you and Jenny going to run it together? Sooooooo excited!!!!!

    Thanks for being Stoked for me! I'm uber nervous!

  2. That sounds like a pretty fun thing to be stoked about! ;) Congrats on your first real marathon! Wohoooo!

  3. Good for you!! Way to sign up for R&R Seattle:) It sounds like there are going to be a ton of other bloggers there too!! You will have a blast!!

  4. YAHOO! I am SOOO excited for RnR Seattle... and to see Seattle in general!

    18 weeks already... eek!