Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Thursday Stoke!

You might have thought earlier today "TallGuySurfing forgot his Thursday Stoke." You might have even thought, "maybe TallGuy isn't stoked this Thursday."

You thought wrong!

Of course I'm stoked and since this is my blog and it's technically still Thursday where I'm at, I'm marching to my own drum and posting the Thursday Stoke a little later than normal.

Today I am stoked about this totally radical "Long Distance Cow Bell" that came in the mail today (I ordered the dang thing two weeks ago)!

I thought I would need to use one of my drum sticks to provide "MORE COWBELL" but guess what? It has a little ringer thingy already built into it and is loud as hell. I might still need a drum stick to really provide the "fever" of the cow bell this weekend at an event I'm even more stoked about:

That's the race on the plate this weekend, although I'm not running it. I will be cheering on my girlfriend, Jenny, her friends and even the Redhead, who will all be running the Half Marathon. I even purchased a pink shirt today to wear in honor of "saving the ta tas!" Now TallGuy doesn't wear anything pink.... ever. Some say it takes a real man to wear something pink. TallGuy says it takes a real man not to wear something that makes you look feminine!

I'm making the exception this weekend. I will be sporting a pink polo and making a tremendous racket with my cow bell and taking pictures of course. I'm stoked for everyone I know that is running and wish them all the best of luck!

In other running news; Harrison and I ran hills tonight. Hills around these parts mean bridges and our little beach town has one large bridge that passes across the Intracoastal Waterway. One time over is about 1/2 mile and we ran over it six times for 3-miles. It was a good run and I plan to incorporate it into a weekly run for my Seattle Marathon training that begins next week (woohoo). More on that next week!

In surfing news; it remains flat here. And did I mention COLD. I don't even want to check to see what the water temperature is now, but the air temperature hasn't busted 60 degrees in weeks and it's usually in the 40s. Next week is supposed to be in the 70s so I might have to paddle out. It's been about 3 weeks and I'm getting stir crazy (TallGuy is NOT stoked about this) and who knows if my 3/2 wetsuit will be enough for whatever arctic temperature our Florida waters have no doubtingly dropped down to out there?

And that my readers is the Late Night Thursday Stoke!!!


  1. Have fun spectating this weekend! I agree with you, other than this special occasion, I wouldn't be caught wearing anything pink! Just sayin'

  2. Have fun spectating. Hope it warms up so you can get out.

  3. I hope that you have an excellent time cheering Jenny on at her half marathon! I love it that you are wearing a "Save the ta ta's shirt:) Take lots of pictures to post in your blog!! Ha ha, I just read Lam's comment about wearing pink:) Good luck to Jenny and you have fun cheering her on!!

  4. The water is ridiculously cold. I went on Sunday, thinking it was mid 50s. Decked out in booties and my 3/2. Once my hands hit the water, I knew there was no way it was mid 50s. It stung and it felt like the water in the Grand Canyon right at the Glen Canyon dam. Checked it when I got home and Volusia County said it was 49. Add the 50 degree air and 10 mph winds, and I lasted about 45 minutes; definitely the coldest I've ever surfed. Ice cream headaches after duckdives. My hands were purple and I could barely hold my keys to unlock my car LOL

  5. I'm sure all the ladies will LOVE the pink! Have fun cheering and cow-belling!

  6. I love that you got a cowbell AND a pink shirt! You must post pictures! Have tons of fun! If you ever want to run real hills, come visit NYC. Central Park is full of 'em!