Monday, February 1, 2010

So What's Next???

Three weeks ago I ran the Disney Marathon (a.k.a. The Arctic Marathon). Since the race I've been running a few times a week, all short runs of 3-5 miles each, with no real plan other than just recovering and giving my Achilles tendon time to heal. I spent the last week in Puerto Rico surfing, snorkeling and running with Jenny and our friends John and Julie. This is also the reason I've been AWOL on the blogsphere and I'm honestly overwhelmed with how far behind I am on my Reader and my emails. (I promise I'll try to catch up and there will be a Puerto Rico recap soon!). However, getting back on subject; I've been asked many times in the past three weeks, "So what's next for you?"

To answer that question simply: ANOTHER MARATHON!

Yes, I know... I know... TallGuySurfing has said in the past that running a marathon was a one time thing to scratch off the bucket list and then I'd just do shorter distance runs for fun after the marathon. If you read my recaps here and here you might gather that I wasn't all that happy with how the training experience went nor the actual race and was just happy to finish without injury along side my friend Harrison. After many fun conversations with Jenny about it and also learning more and more about this "running" world I've decided I WANT that uninjured training experience and I WANT to see what I can accomplish in a serious marathon race situation.

So without further adieu here's the plan!

We'll call it the Road to Seattle! With the end result being June 26th, the date of the Rock n Roll Seattle Marathon. This is a race that Jenny really wants to do and we both love the idea of a vacation to the Pacific Northwest!

No races are planned. I've made a promise to myself to only run short distances to limit the abuse to my Achilles. I will use this time to cross train in an effort to strengthen my legs (squats.... lots of squats) and do physical therapy exercises to strengthen both my Achilles tendons. I'll probably also surf as much as possible and spectate a few races. Jenny is running the Donna Half on Feb. 21 along with some of her friends and I plan to be there to rock the cowbell and also cheer on the Redhead too!

Commence Seattle Training. The goal is to go lightly almost as I'm a novice to not injure myself. I'll be using one of Hal Higdon's plans. Yes, I bought his book, Marathon The Ultimate Training Guide, and this shall be my bible. March also has some other exciting adventures in the works including being a van driver for Team Hot Legs in the Sunset2Sunrise Relay, an open window for a quick "swell chasing" trip to Puerto Rico and most certainly a yet-to-be-named celebration for Jenny's Birthday!

Mileage will increase and this month will probably be key in determining if I can increase weekly mileage without re-aggravating the Achilles injury. There might also be a trip to North Carolina in the works with some possible "hills" to train for the next month's exciting activities!

Can you say Muddy Buddy?!?!? Jenny and I will rock the course in our first ever Muddy Buddy race in Orlando. Then on May 16th I'm off to California for the ING Bay to Breakers 12k. I've convinced my Cousin in Portland to take on a serious training plan and run that race with me as well as my good friend in Sacramento. It will be a great chance to see some friends and family and get a little crazy at the same time and conquer the giant hill of San Fransisco!

Well, June will be "go time" and hopefully another successful Marathon. I know some other bloggers are running Seattle as well and can't wait to follow along!

That's the plan so stay tuned for all the wacky stories that will surely follow in the wake of the swell!


  1. Look at you with a whole race schedule all lined up! Rock on! I think you are going to Rock and Roll Seattle! I wish I could be there to cheer you on but know that I will be in spirit! I see a HUGE PR in your future!

  2. Awesome plan. Bay to Breakers is the best race ever. I'll keep an eye out for your along the course.

  3. Sounds like a good plan! (Nobody ever runs just one marathon... LOL)

    See you in Seattle!

  4. Welcome back to bloggy-world!

    Sounds like you have a great plan set out for the next few months! Good luck! Can't wait to read your posts as you go.

  5. Seattle is going to be fast!!! And a welcome change from Florida in June. :)

  6. Holy cow, look at all those plans! Hope to see more surfing pictures soon :)

    Cheers! P.S. Happy New Year since I haven't said it to you yet ;)