Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Thursday Stoke!

This Thursday I'm totally stoked about two things!

First off, upon my return from Puerto Rico, I checked my mail to find these two magazines waiting for me!Jenny got me the subscription for Christmas and they just are now arriving. Looks like I've got some reading to catch up on!

Secondly, how cool is this?

Yup, that's the official Muddy Buddy registration confirmation for Jenny and I for the Orlando race in May. Finally, I'm going to get to experience what so many of my friends have done and all had a blast doing; and best of all I get to do it with someone super special! We're registered as Team Rockstar so watch out! Who else is doing Muddy Buddy???


  1. Jealous on both accounts... still waiting for my RW subscription and I have no idea who my Muddy Buddy partner is going to be?!?!? :(

  2. I LOVE RW! My issue was so late this month and I was getting anxious about it!
    I only have a guess as to what 'Muddy Buddy' is and it sounds both hilarious and messy! Have fun!

  3. SO jealous! Jenny gets mega cool points for that pick!

  4. Muddy Buddy sounds fun. An excuse to jump into mud? Heck yea!