Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Thursday Stoke!

I'm back!!!!

Yup, after missing several weeks of the Thursday Stoke I'm back with mucho to be stoke about. You see, one of the reasons I've missed a few stokes is because of a hampering computer problem. Simply put, my work computer exploded a few weeks back leaving me with only my home computer and that has hampered my blogging abilities. Today I'm totally stoked and happy to announce the addition of a new computer.

Dude, I got a Dell. . . well, another Dell. Anyways, I'm back up and functioning at 100 percent.

The other reason for my slacking on the blog front is a case of being busy. My training for the Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon has stepped up to almost a part-time job and my lower legs seem to be in a state of perpetual soreness. Recovering from all this running is taking a lot of rest time. I'm forcing myself to sleep more and stretch/roll a lot more and trying my hardest to avoid injury. Only a little more than a month to go until the marathon. I can't wait!

Which brings me to the real stoke of the day!

I will be leaving on a jet plane in just a few hours to head west to California where I'm meeting up with a few friends to part take in this "bucket list" of a race on Sunday. Look for a crazy recap next week. . . or perhaps from my new computer from an airport on the way home!


  1. Bay to Breakers....nekked

  2. I am so stoked for your first Bay to Breakers!! The weather looks good and it's going to be an awesome weekend. If I see you I'll say hi - I'll be probably not the only girl wearing a birthday tiara.

  3. Have fun at the race. Heard it's awesome!