Sunday, November 29, 2009

Behold! ...New Shoes!

Asics Gel GT-2150

Picked these babies up at Spikes Athletic Footwear a few days ago to replace my well worn GT-2140s. I tried on the new Asics Kayanos, but they felt almost the same as the GT-2150s and for the price difference I just don't see the value.

These will be the shoes I wear for the Disney Marathon on Jan. 10th.

Perhaps influenced by Spike... I felt it necessary to introduce my old Ascics to their new Ascics replacement. Although I have NOT given them names yet. However, I am considering "Disney" for the new ones and "Achilles" for the old ones.

Nancy at Spikes was kind enough to throw in a free pair of Kayano II low cut Asics running socks even though I passed on buying the more expensive Kayano shoes for the GT-2150s. They are left and right foot socks. I've never owned socks designed specifically for left and right feet. I will post a review as soon as I get a chance to test them out a few times.

I know I've been AWOL the past week and even missed my Thursday Stoke, but I promise I have good reason and will have lots to write about this week as I get back into the swing of things!


  1. Ooooo look at those shiny new kicks! Congrats! Also, I don't get the L & R socks... please explain! LOL!

  2. a few things:

    1) I've never been to Spike's, but I already love it. what can I say, I'm like that.

    2) I use both 21XXs and Kayanos, rotating them during training; and the difference is slight, but noticeable over the course of many miles.

    3) I love new shoes!!!

  3. Running shoe language is a tongue I don't speak, but I *am* interested to hear more about foot-specific socks. :-)