Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane (again)

The Ocean is still FLAT!

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go... the dawn is breaking, it's early morn... .

Ok, enough of the singing I'm out of here for a few days. I'm off to Minnesota for an old friend's wedding. I'm one of his groomsmen so I get to stand next to him and do nothing with a few other guys.

Usually when I leave town we get some epic swell conditions back here in New Smyrna Beach. For the sake of my fellow surfers I hope that holds true, but it doesn't look like anything is on the radar for the next few days.

Meanwhile, I've been running according to my little training schedule, short 3 milers both Monday morning and this morning. My legs are in a constant state of soreness it seems. The 5k race apparently kicked my ass because on Monday I finished my 3 miles nearly 4 minutes slower than the 5k race finish time on Saturrday, which was 1/10 of a mile longer! Today I knocked off 2 minutes from the Monday time, but still.... SERIOUSLY? What the hell? Time to kick in some extra yoga sessions.

Ok, I'm leaving on a jet plane! Expect the next post to be full of old school shenanigans as myself and four other New Smyrans from across the country converge upon the land of 10,000 lakes to party like the old days (except for a couple morning jogs I plan to complete)!

I'll leave you with a picture I found on a website of me finishing the 5k race last Saturday. This was when I felt like my ribcage was going to explode out of my face! I was cramping up so bad!

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  1. Your tempo runs (week day runs) should ALWAYS be slower than your race pace. You're supposed to go balls to the walls on race day and that should never be your normal pace. You're doing just fine! A good thing to do the day after a race is to do a recovery run, a SLOW steady short run to work out the kinds from the race. Look at my "little" novice runner... you're growing up so fast! :) LOL! Have fun up in Minne-SOTA... gear up from lots of ridiculous accents.