Friday, July 24, 2009

Fluky Friday Flash

<> I'm a slacker. I have tons to write, but somehow have created a schedule of total madness for myself (mostly exercise related training mix with social outings) that has prohibited the updating of my blog. Time to get in gear and back on track!

<> Super Thanks goes out to Redhead Running for hooking me up with some awesome running advice. I'm super stoked about this website at and feel like I've only yet to discover all the possibilities on it. Not only is it amazing for runners and bikers, but I can actually keep track of my surfing sessions as well as yoga, softball and a variety of other sports. It tracks my use of equipment (such as miles on my shoes) and how many caleries I'm burning as well as numerous other stuff. There's even an application for my future iPhone on it! All this for just asking if there's a website that I can map out running routes and distances without having to drive them in my truck! Cheers to you Redhead Running!

<> I've spent the past few days getting to catch up with Jenn (Diaries of a New RN) as she's visiting her old stomping grounds here in New Smyrna Beach. Her 2-year-old son is quite the character and has said some pretty memorable things. For example: Running around the living room and kitchen during dinner yelling "I'm hungry, I'm hungry," although he can't pronounce "hungry" yet. Hungry all of a sudden sounds like "horny." Yeah, I almost spit my food out I was laughing so hard! Another great one stretching his T-shirt over his knees and bouncing across the floor while singing "boobies, boobies, boobies!" Welcome back to New Smyrna Beach J-Schmo!

<> My body needs a rest. I have surfed, run, done Bikram yoga (again) and even played softball (I got recruited onto a team)... all multiple times in the past 5 days. There's an amazing swell in the ocean, which is causing me to slack off on the running, but this morning my arms/shoulders needed rest after surfing 10 of the past 24 hours so I ran 3 miles instead. There's still left overs in the water so we're hitting it again tomorrow morning for a weekend jam packed of surfing! I guess all this soreness is just weakness leaving my body....

And that folks is my first ever Fluky Friday Flash! I assure you future fluky Fridays will be even more random with some add humor, no doubt!

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  1. Stick with me my friend and I will show you the way!!! :)