Friday, July 31, 2009

Fluky Friday Flash

<>I recently read in Men's Health Magazine about the benefits of eating brown rice. Always striving to convert to a healthier diet, I decided to give it a whirl. Rice is cheap and in these tough economic times it could be a great way to save some money and get some health benefits. I saw a coupon for some Minute Ready to Serve whole grain brown rice. This stuff comes in a bowl and all you have to do is pop in the microwave for 1 minute and waaaalaaa, ready to eat! Sounds to good to be true and with my luck it always is....
This is what happens when I open it up upon getting home from the grocery store:

I think I'll stick with the traditional "boil in water" rice from now on...

<>I received an award from my friend Redhead Running in her blog post yesterday. Thanks Morgan! It's a little fluffy for a guy, but I'm always stoked to get an award! Ha! Now the rules are I'm supposed to pass it on to 15 other bloggers. Well, I'm not one to follow rules. Never have been, never will. So due to this fact, and also that I don't really have 15 blogger friends that would read this and pass it on, I'm going to modify the rules and pass it on to only one blogger friend, whom just happens to need a little push to get off her butt and update her newly formed blog!

...And the award goes to: J-Schmo at Diaries of a New RN

<> Text message of the week: "I just passed a guy in the hall at work rapping about getting high on the bone and blacking out from good head," came from my friend "J-Ho" who happens to work in a level three NICU at a hospital. Yup, premature babies and this is what she hears in the hallway. Classic!

<> Random Picture of the week:This guy was surfing at the inlet last weekend. It looks like he's getting shot by a sniper in this dramatic, but dull, wipeout!

And that ladies and gentlemen concludes this week's Fluky Friday Flash of Randomness!

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  1. Anything that goes in the microwave is destined to suck. Stick to real food!!!

    That pic is HIL-A-RIOUS!!!!!