Friday, June 5, 2009

A Surfing Pause for an old passion....

Before my surfing epiphany three years ago (another story I'll have to explain in a future post) I was a running fool. Yup, down right running addict. I didn't run races. Nope, I ran for myself. Feet pounding asphalt or beach sand; there seemed to be nothing better to expel the tons of excess energy I was stuck with each day from a past of not being able to sit still for too long. Running was also a time to reflect, gather my thoughts, and in a way relax my brain. In recent years I find myself surfing instead of running. Not that I don't run anymore, but it's just less frequent.

Last weekend I found myself at a friend's house. After drinking an unknown quantity of beer the topic of running was brought up.

Then it happened.

"We're going to run the Disney Marathon," my friend and his wife announced! A book on marathons was promptly put on the table and their training program hashed out to my ears. Being slightly intoxicated and also excited about their news for a healthier life of exercise, I jumped up and proclaimed to the world that I too would run this marathon!

The next day I had to ask myself if I was really serious. Running has always been about me, myself and I and not a race. I realize the bottom line in running a marathon for most people is about self accomplishment and NOT a race and I think this is what attracts me to the idea. I've always thought that I should run one before I die and now might be the time if I have a few friends that are going to do the same. The Disney Marathon is in January and if my plans of moving to Puerto Rico for the winter come through I'll have to fly back just for the race, but that's something I'm willing to do, besides it's only a two hour cheap Jet Blue flight away.

The surf is still flat for the most part so for the past two days I decided to test myself and go for a run first thing in the morning (the Disney Marathon starts at 5:50 a.m.)!

Yesterday went something like this:
7 a.m. -- Alarm clock sounds off. Sylvan punches it sending it to its silent death upon floor. Dog barks in reaction.
7:30 a.m. -- I discover my iPod battery is dead as I start my run. There's nothing worse than the feeling of carrying the extra weight of an iPod with you when the damn thing doesn't work!
7:40 a.m. -- Obviously, I need to acclimate to the humid Florida summer. I've only gone a mile and a half or so and I'm freaking soaking wet! Do I sweat this much when I surf???
7:55ish a.m. -- finish my standard 3 mile loop through the golf courses and back to my house. Jesus it's hot this early in the morning!

Today went something like this:
6:30 a.m. -- Alarm clock sounds off. Sylvan first realizes he is sore from yesterday's run. Then he feels pity for the alarm clock and turns it off gently.
6:45 a.m. -- determined, stubborn or just stupid I am off again this time iPod fully charged with a mix of Disturbed and Pappa Roach for motivation!
7 a.m. -- It's not as bad as yesterday, but it's still "hucking fot" for this early in the morning! I just must not realize how much I sweat when I surf being covered with water!
7:15 a.m. -- done with the run, begin stretching and ready to start the day.

Now it's evening time. I'm sore, but I think that's a good thing. Tomorrow I think I'll rest. Tonight I think I'll go out and catch some cool sounds of Whole Wheat Bread (an Orlando band) at Beachside Tavern. If there's one lesson learned this week it's this:
Running a marathon is going to be a huge endeavor. It's not something I'll back down from once I'm committed, but at this point I'm not 100 percent sure. I'm close, very close, but just not there yet. Only time will tell the future. . .

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