Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dear Bombers

Dear Boston Marathon Bomber(s),

You obviously don't know much about the American culture or what makes us America. And, I say that in the sense that if you are an American consider your citizenship revoked.

You see... good WILL come out of this tragedy you've created at your own soul's expense. That's what we Americans do -- we take bad and turn it into good.

We Americans are resolved. We are united. We are organized. We are not afraid. We are free in our actions, our will and our conscience.  We are also stubborn as all hell.

What's even more interesting is if you take an average American runner, not to mention a Boston Marathoner, you'll find an individual that has all of the above American traits amplified ten fold.

Yeah, you may have thrown a poo poo curtain on one race in one city on one day of our history, but KNOW that you've steeled us for thousands of races in thousands of cities for years and years to come.

I use the word "steel" NOT in that you've made it harder to run 26.2 miles or more dangerous to participate in a race, but quite the opposite. Your moronic actions will have an unforeseeable result. You will "steel" thousands of Americans to train, run and finish a marathon. Some of them will already be runners deciding to run their first marathon and others will be new to running. Some of them will be leading unhealthy lifestyles and will find their way through running. In a sense, you will undoubtedly save many MANY more lives than you've taken.

Know that you have failed! You have not created terror. You have not defeated the Boston Marathon. It will be back and it will be stronger than ever. 

Know that you will soon be hunted down by some of the most elite law enforcement and government officials on the planet and KNOW that many of those officials will be runners a LOT faster than you and they will never give up. 

Good luck with that. Now go to hell.