Saturday, August 13, 2011

A little random humor...

Last weekend I sold my kayak and ping pong table on Craigslist. The amazing thing is both items sold in less than an hour of making the post. The other day I decided to do a little experiment with Craigslist to see just how far I can take it and still get someone to buy something.

The subject: My old TV that is collecting dust and taking up space on the back porch.

The experiment: Can it be "sold" with a bit of salesmanship and humor?

The control: The TV is outdated and worthless.

This is how the posting (click the link to see the actual Craigslist post) reads:

"Oh man, do you like the look of an old school color television??? We're talking 2003 here. Yup, before 1080p...z...g or omega alpha high definition HDMI this or that! This retro television set is box-like and heavy with a good size 27-inch screen. No theater view here. We're talking full on square-shaped screen! Yeah, that's right. It's also manufactured by Symphonic (Model WF2703). Never head of that brand? It's okay, I haven't either. It was purchased from the quantity over quality-minded people of Wal-Mart during one of those Blue Light Specials. Wait, is that's a K-Mart thing? Nevermind. Getting back on track. This television was made in Malaysia probably by some poor Asian dude working for $2 per day, but I'll tell you what, it works and it works well! Hook up the cable and tune in some Price is Right or Judge Judy. Bust out the popcorn and throw on the John Wayne Westerns. Fire up that old Atari and hit the Pac-Man. Features include 27" Stereo Sound System (built in of course), Video L-Audio-R on the front and back! And of course Video in cable jack... and don't forget the remote control so your butt can stay comfortably on the couch. It takes only two AA batteries and has lots of buttons!"

So far the only calls I've received have been people asking if I've sold it out of curiosity. The answer.... no. One lady even asked if I'd take her number and call her if someone buys it because she has one she wants to sell too. My answer? No!

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