Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hello Irene!

Surfed the first incoming long period sets from Hurricane Irene this evening at the Sunglow Pier in South Daytona Beach with a few friends. Waves were a little overhead on me (I'm 6'7") and had a slight chop to them as the wind was onshore, but light. It was a super fun time, but a little test for paddling. Definitely the biggest waves I've surfed this year. I rode the 9'0" Walden Magic. Tomorrow it looks like it'll be washed out with heavy onshore wind. After she passes to the north and heads to North Carolina (stay safe my Outer Banks friends) the winds are forecast to go offshore here Friday and Saturday. That will be the window of opportunity. I'll try and post up some pictures tomorrow and of course when it cleans up a bit. This could be the swell of the year??? Time will tell.

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