Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Thursday Stoke!

This Thursday I am stoked about the weekend of course!

This Saturday I'm going to attempt to do something I've never done; run two races in one day!


Because it sounds like a good idea (famous last words) and why not? My training calendar for Seattle Marathon has me scheduled for 9 miles Saturday. It just so happens that there is the Trail of Payne 10k Saturday morning at 8 a.m. and then the Run for Hospice 5k/10k at Tioga Town Center at 4:30 p.m.

10k + 5k = 9.3 miles!

We've dubbed it the "double pump" and Jenny and several of her friends from Team Hot Legs will also be doing the double pump and for them it's just a preview of what they're in store for the following weekend at the Sunset to Sunrise Relay.

This might be...... just might be the healthiest, as in least injured, I've ever been for a race. I'm pretty sure the lump that was once a nagging Achilles tendon injury that has plagued me since last August is merely scar tissue. I'm feeling strong and the Achilles tendon is not bothering me at all. I might just have to actually race one of these, probably the 10k, and see how fast I can go, but that remains to be decided. Whatever, happens it will be an adventure! I promise you that, and I'll have one hell of a recap come next week!

I am ultra stoked about the Trail of Payne because it's a trail and it's through the Payne Prairie State Park. Plus, it's going to be a little muddy because it's been raining, which means we're going to get dirty and ya'll know I like to get me some dirty!!!

Also this Thursday, I am SO NOT STOKED about this new issue of Transworld SURF magazine!

Now I hate to knock on something I'm passionate about, surfing, but come-the-hell-on SURF editors and publishers? I'm giving you a huge "WTF" on this magazine for one reason and one reason only:

The top of the cover states "2010 Gear Guide: 263 Best Surf Products for Your Buck"

I have a subscription to this magazine, for reasons I'm seriously reconsidering, so it's not like I bought the magazine because of this teaser, but if I had I'd be pissed!

It's bad enough that most major surf magazines have to target an audience that would rather look at full page pictures, advertisements and mindless content rather than read something intelligently written with substance all as a means to stay in business, but seriously? SERIOUSLY? Perhaps me and my "bros" possess a higher IQ than the stereotypical surfer that this magazine is targeting, but many of us are starving for some quality content.

When I saw this banner/teaser of a Gear Guide I eagerly sat down and opened the magazine. What I found was an utter disappointment, but not a surprise.

Except for a few basic topic overviews Transworld SURF's "gear guide" is nothing but a "ginormous" advertisement. It's 263 pictures of products with nothing more than a retail price and link to the manufacturer's website. This is why I'm giving it the "WTF?" There's no descriptions, reviews, product information or any details. . . just 263 pictures of inanimate objects. I could of compiled this information while smoking crack and drinking absinthe! A smart monkey probably could have accomplished this...

Now don't get me wrong, I love to follow up on everything surfing and there have been times I truly love this magazine, but I've got to call them out on this issue. I will give them props for the "Gear Nazi" article buried on page 157. It's super short, but creatively written and entertaining.

Wow! I'm on a roll! I might just go for two posting in one day! Stay tuned!

What are you stoked or NOT stoked about today????


  1. Brilliant! Love the "double pump"- this should be an event somewhere.

  2. Wow two races...nice! I still need to try a real 5K. Oh and I'm stoked that I can access the Surfline HD cams directly on my phone now! If you are a subscriber, check their website for how to do it. Surfs up today....hit it if you haven't already.

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