Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Thursday Stoke!

This Thursday I'm stoked about a few things! First off, Happy Birthday to my girlfriend Jenny. I'm so stoked for her and can't wait to celebrate her birthday with her this weekend! And speaking of weekend, how about surfing? What the heck has happened to surfing around these parts? It's been so dang cold that we've seriously neglected the art of riding waves. The right whales seem to be having a blast out there with new media coverage of their migration off our waters each week. I think it's time to get back in the water even if we do freeze in our little 3mm wetsuits and this weekend seems to have the perfect opportunity. Yes, TallGuySurfing is totally stoked and going to attempt to dare himself and friends into the surf this weekend if the conditions warrant! Stay tuned for a recap!

And last of all I leave you with this comment I left on Frayed Laces blog and her Road ID giveaway here. The blog request was to leave a comment as a letter to your body. After writing it I thought, "heck, it might be fun to post it as well!"

Here's an open letter to my body:

Dear Body,
Please rally the parts for the following messages:
To the Achilles tendon,
You never complained once for 32 years and yet recently you decided to let Brain know of your extreme dissatisfaction. Brain seems to have worked out a compromise and negotiated a new work ethic for you. Please stick to your end of the deal in the coming months. We have trail races and marathons to run!
To the mouth,
A couple of things. 1st off, like Mr. Achilles tendon, you've been relatively quiet for 32 years. A 3rd party investigator (a.k.a. the Dentist)is balking at your silence and claiming foul play. If you can hold out a little longer Brain has informed us that a trip to Thailand may be in the works to fix your negligent gum lines. 2nd of all, your voice box seems to be getting more and more blunt in the business world. Please tell Brain to have patience and try and "think" things instead of "thinking aloud" more often than not.
To the heart,
At the request of Brain you've built up some pretty thick walls during our late 20s after being broken a few times and Brain realizes and understands it's importance in having strong defenses. However, there comes a time when you have to lower your defense shields to really have a chance and open up to vulnerability. Now is the time to lower the drawbridge and let that special person through the gates. Brain takes full responsibility if you become broken again.
To the left rotator cuff,
You sir are kicking ass. Ever since that cortisone shot three years ago you have been off the wall. Keep up the good work, the stoke and the strong paddling! Keep us fast in the water and out of harms way!
To the Brian,
Please continue NOT hesitating. You are doing so well and we've come so far these past few years. As the 2010 Hurricane season approaches and a possible surf trip to Ecuador is in the works you will undoubtedly have some quick decisions to make in the water. Please do not hesitate a stay or go decision. Be precise, be wise and be fast. Keep Body safe as we have many more waves to ride and races to run!
Thanks for your time
-The Conscience.


  1. Happy Birthday to Jenny! Have a great time celebrating and I hope you can get out there to ride some waves.

    Great letter for FL's giveaway!

  2. Enjoy the cold surf - it will be "cool" enough in no time.

  3. Happy birthday to Jenny!! I hope that the two of you love birds have an awesome birthday date:)

    I loved the letter to your body...very funny:)

  4. I surfed Monday and today in a 3/2. Fun waves, but still rather cold. Booties are a must. At least the hot shower afterwards feels AMAZING!!!

  5. Great letter, and points we can all use at times.

    I have never been surfing, but would love to see whales. Scuba diving in Florida does not often include whales.