Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hump Day Dog Day Therapy

This is Sir Tucker the Wonder Mutt (aka Mr. T Wiggles). He is a 4-year-old Labradoodle and he will totally lick your toes, but only if he likes you. He will also give you a high five... as long as you are on your knees. He was born on New Year's Eve and we party it up on his birthday every year!

Recently, Sir Tucker has discovered a new passion... getting as dirty as possible by rolling, scrounging and running through leaf piles in the backyard. I snapped this picture with my cell phone seconds before his morning leaf ripping session began.

I guess I need to bust out the rake and clean this mess up! Happy Hump Day everyone!


  1. Blog friends I can confirm these accusations! He loves himself some toe licking! I personally have nicknamed him Tucker the Toe Licker McF*cker... but I guess that's not nearly as endearing of a nickname...

    I miss you both! Must come for a visit and run soon! :)

  2. Do you take him to any doggie parks? My bull mastiff just loves the one here in DeLand. It is called Barkley Square and has 14 acres for the pooches to run. You should check it out! (and maybe Sir Tucker can meet his Deland female friend, Phebe, for a run!)

  3. Hello fellow Floridian. :) Thanks for entering my contest. Cute pooch!