Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Grand Canyon (Day 3) - The Vagina Room

The following post is from the journal I kept of my recent adventure upon a 21-day private river rafting trip on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon from Lee's Ferry to Diamond Peak (about 230 miles) that took place between April 18th and May 8th, 2012.

April 20, 2012 

Today was fun! We started out going about a mile downriver until we came to North Canyon. From there we hiked up a good ways until the canyon narrowed into a small room with a large pool of stagnant water. It's a very peaceful place, but the small trickle of water that slides down the opposing wall on the filling up the pool of water kind of looks phallic in nature. Robert and I dubbed this place the Vagina room on our previous trips. I'm not sure what it's real name is, but that's what we call it. Haha.

Before we leave the North Canyon, Butch and Tricia run into some other guides from the commercial company they work for and strike up a conversation that lasts forever. I guess they learn some information about campsites and other groups and timelines and stuff, but Robert and I are anxious to get going because just ahead of us lies a section of the river called The Roaring Twenties, which is a serious of fun rapids that lie in the 20-29 mile section of the river. It's the biggest water yet for us and I get to drive a few times (class 6-7). The first one I made it through the main section like text book and then failed to realize or see this huge rock sticking out of the water. It was the size of a dump truck and I still don't understand how I didn't see it earlier. I think you spend so much time looking for the hidden holes and rocks that it's easy to miss the "in-your-face" stuff sometimes. I had no choice but to hit this rock by the time I realized it so I turned into the rock head first and pulled against the force of the river to lessen the impact. As we hit, we bounce 180-degrees while rolling laterally around the rock and downriver. I'm glad my instincts directed me to turn into the rock rather than hit it broadside because the entire incident really wasn't all that bad. It sure did scared the shit out of me as it was happening. The river has so much force to it sometimes. It's like surfing long-period double overhead conditions. Lots of hydraulics at play.

A few miles later, Butch isn't paying attention and hits a rock that we manage to barely miss. There's a small hole in their boat and tomorrow morning when the water goes down and that section of his boat is out of the water he will patch it. I guess we'll learn about patching rubber rafts.

Tonight we are camped right around the 29-Mile mark. Bob made spaghetti for dinner and it's super yummy. Several of my passengers have brought to my attention that today's date is 4-20 and have invited me to celebrate it in a special way later tonight down on the beach near our tents. On that note, I'll close for now.

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