Monday, February 28, 2011

A Good Day ....

I was stressed out yesterday. A string of unfortunate events with work combined with some bad luck in the past month has left me on edge. Feeling like I should be working rather than playing I was not in my normal "thrilled to be going surfing" mood when we decided to make it a beach day.

The weather was perfect -- sunny and warm. A sense of Spring and a hint of Summer is in the air.As we pulled up to the inlet and assessed the situation (playful little thigh high glassy sets rolling in with the incoming tide) I noticed some commotion in the water. Fighter-jet colored fins breaching the water. Fishing flinging themselves airborne in a desperate attempt to escape. White water splashing about.

No not sharks. Another visitor to New Smyrna Inlet that is even more common than sharks believe it or not -- The common dolphin. An entire pod to be exact!

Dolphin are one of my favorite animals. Intelligent, playful, skilled and the undisputed best surfers in the world. Many times I've shared waves with them, locked eyes and sensed a common bond of "let's have some fun on this wave!" I grabbed my camera and snapped off some shots before grabbing my noserider to join the fun.

Stressed out or not, a paddle out with the dolphins and fun surfing session at New Smyrna Inlet is a cure all!


  1. Love the pics, nice thing to see on a rainy Monday morning in NY :)

  2. I love dolphins, my favorite as well. I'm so jealous.

  3. Mate - that's awesome.
    I've surfed with them heaps of times and everytime it puts the biggest smile on the dial

  4. Wow!! you're so lucky to have them play surf with you. but our fellow sea surfers , needed our help. see "the cove".. or you can visit my blog to see some post and campaign to help. i love dolphins and other marine mammals too.

  5. A few friends went surfing the other day while I had to work and they saw a bunch of gray whales. I have never been lucky enough to see anything cool.

    update your blog. i like your stories. :)

  6. drool... drool... it's been so long since i surfed! I'm headed to cape hatteras NC in a few weeks and am praying for good waves :) hope all is well~