Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Christmas in July?

Apparently, a few days ago was Christmas in July.

I've always heard of Christmas in July, but never really -- and still don't -- understand it. Now I have a reason to like it.

The other day Jenny walked over to my place from her place (yup, she now lives within walking distance) and the plan was to do a cross training workout, bike ride and make this salad idea I came up with while surfing (romaine lettuce mixed with avocados, assorted peppers, stir fried chicken, tomatoes, broccoli, sharp cheddar cheese and splashed with citrus dressing). While at work I had researched some upper body workouts for surfing and left the print outs in my truck. I ran outside to get them to show to Jenny and found this just outside my door resting under a papaya tree (we don't really have Christmas trees in this part of Florida)!


I was stoked and surprised. Upon opening it I discovered this:

Now you might think Produce Saver storage bins are a very random gift, but what you don't know is the back story. Weeks ago we were shopping in the store and I was looking for the best deal on some BPA free storage containers because I'm always not having enough to store leftovers. I really REALLY liked the idea of these containers, but they were more expensive so gave up on the idea and forgot about them. Jenny didn't.

She remembered and gifted them to me!

Totally stoked I am, I am!!! We'll see how they work. I've already got an avocado and some of that salad in a couple of them now putting them to the test!


  1. The salad sounds good except you forgot one ingredient - bacon! Not too much though.

  2. "Look at these F*cking Peppers!" <- That's all I can think of whenever I read or see peppers! LOL!

    Jenny is frigging awesome. The end. :)

  3. nice pressie TG - very thoughtful and practical. Good on her!!!!!

    (got to be careful what you say to the "ladies" because they will remimber it forever)