Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Everyday it seems as though it gets hotter and more humid so I wait to start my afternoons later and later. It seems like they are becoming full on night runs either before the sun comes up or after it goes down. It's hard to believe that only a few months ago I was complaining about not being able to get my sweat on during my runs. Now it's just ridiculous. I'm drowning in sweat!

But that's not the reason for this post. The reason is I have a question or am looking for suggestions. In exactly 10 days Jenny and I will run the Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon. I am currently in full on taper mode right now. My body is experiencing a range of emotions both physical and mental. One day I go on a really short run and it seems harder than a long run a few weeks back. The next day I go on a slightly longer run and I kill it and want to run even further after finishing. I'm trusting the training schedule (Higdon) and trying to follow it to the tee. It's kept me uninjured so far so I'm becoming a believer!

Tonight's run was a 6 miler. The last 6 miler of the schedule. I only have four more runs left; a 3 miler (I can't remember the last time I only ran 3 miles), an 8 miler, another 3 miler and finally a 2 miler. Tonight I decided to wear my older Brooks Adrenaline shoes. The last time I wore them was the 18 mile train run in Gainesville that seriously kicked my butt and got them extremely dirty. As I ran tonight they felt extremely good on my feet. I started thinking about how they actually feel better than my new Brooks Adrenaline shoes that I plan to wear during the race. Now I'm full on stressing out trying to decide if it's a fluke run/feeling or if I should wear my older Brooks instead of the new Brooks.

Older Brooks = 225 total miles
Newer Brooks = 75 total miles

I know that 225 is not that many miles and that I can probably get another hundred in ligament runs out of them if not more, but what do you all think? Is 75 miles not enough to break in the new ones? I wonder why the old ones feel so much better on my feet? They are the same make and model and size.

How many miles do you like to have on your shoes on marathon race day???


  1. I usually wear shoes I've been wearing for about a month. But I've worn brand new shoes before, as long as I've worn that model for a while. Good luck next weekend.

  2. I think 75 miles is plenty, I would run in the newer shoes.

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  4. If the old pair feel better than run in those dirty or not, 225 is not nearly close to breaking point and you want to be comfortable on race day.

  5. this is a really tough question - I think it can only be answered by how they feel, like Morgan said. While 75 miles could be plenty, you're going to be running in them for a while, so you want to be most comfortable. In 'Born To Run' McDonell talks about how we don't need to adhere by the 300 mile (or whatever it is) rule. That for most people, worn down 'hi-tech' running shoes are best for our feet, actually. So, where what you feel most comfortable and secure in, and have fun!!